Mark A. Mersereau Attorney at Law

Mark A. Mersereau
Attorney at Law

Attorney Mersereau is committed to providing high quality legal services and advice that adds value to the client’s project or case.  He combines a passion for a deep and detailed understanding of the law, with the strong ethical obligations required of an officer of the court, to give clients the sound advice they need to succeed.

Attorney Mersereau also applies his knowledge and experiences from years of scientific research, product development, and business development to move projects to a successful conclusion.

His approach to legal practice is simple:
(1) Understand the client’s needs and wants;
(2) Gather all the relevant facts;
(3) Build a fundamentally solid factual foundation by identifying  the core strengths and weakness in the facts; and
(4) Create a plan to satisfy the client’s needs while incorporating the wants as possible.

The law neither creates opportunities, nor does it kill opportunities.  The law creates a framework within which we all have the opportunity to compete and build a path to success.  Attorney Mersereau uses his knowledge, skills, and experience to efficiently serve clients.  He works with clients to make the process and the law understandable as they execute their project or case plan.

Mark A. Mersereau, Esq., MN Lic. 0389156, is an attorney governed and bound by Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 481, Attorneys-At-Law.  Further, attorney Mersereau provides professional services through business entities organized under the laws of the State of Minnesota, Chapter 322 B & C,  governed and bound by Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 319B, Professional Firms.

Link to Minn. Stat. Chpt. 481, 322 B&C, and 319C:  Link